Ovulation Signs and Symptoms

The ovulation signs are not that complicated to perceive as long as you are aware of what you are looking for. Several signs will be useful in warning you that ovulation will soon arrive making it easy for you to plan out sex and get pregnant. There are also signs that will tell you that ovulation has finished. Though, there are plenty of methods written below, do not expect to make use of them all. That idea will certainly make you foolish and you might even be more anxious of getting pregnant greater than what you are experiencing right now.

In cases where you are not able to notice signs of ovulation period or perhaps your menstrual cycle is very irregular, it would be best to seek consult with a doctor. What you will tell your doctor can be valuable in making a diagnosis regarding infertility.

#1 – Cervical Mucus Changes

When the ovulation period is approaching, mucus coming from your cervix will change in terms of the quantity as well as the consistency. During periods where ovulation is not possible, mucus coming from the cervix can be sticky-like or creamy or may even be completely nonexistent. As ovulation draws near, cervical mucus will be in profusion with consistency that is watery or similar to the raw egg white and length could reach to more than an inch.

-This is guaranteed to be a hundred percent free.
-This is known as among the list of the precise indicators for the timing of copulation in order to get pregnant.

-This is not a definitive warning sign. Cervical mucus which is fertile can still be possible without ovulating. This case is typically found in women with PCOS.
-Medications such as Clomid or antihistamine drugs could make your cervical mucus dry making detection very complicated.

#2 – Increased Sexual Desire

This is virtually a natural behavior. Research has asserted what has always been perceivable in which sexual desire of women is elevated most especially when they are fertile. This happens a few days before the ovulation period and is the exact time to copulate if you wish to become pregnant.

-This will not require vast knowledge. All you have to do is go well with what you feel.

-The demands of trying hard to get pregnant can eventually crush your desire for sex. In addition, feelings of depression and anxiety which are prevalent in couples who are dealing with infertility can lessen the urge for sex.
-This is not also an explicit indication of ovulation. Most probably, you will detect a rise in your sexual urge at any phase during your cycle even a couple of days before menstruation arrives or just by viewing a remarkable movie.

#3 – Body Basal Temperature Changes

The body basal temperature that is located on a chart is probably the most recognized way of keeping track the ovulation period of women who wanted to get pregnant. The body’s temperature will increase by some tenths of the degree and it will stay that way following ovulation. The temperature rise is brought about by progesterone which is a hormone that will greatly increase following the process of ovulation. You will be able to determine the rise of your body basal temperature if you plot it in a chart.

-Once your temperature has risen, then most likely, you are sure that you are ovulating.
-This procedure is very economical and virtually free since you will still have to buy a thermometer if you do not it yet.
-This can be helpful for your doctor in making the right diagnosis.

-Although, this procedure can tell you that you have ovulated, this will, however, not tell you that your period for ovulation is approaching.
-Charting of your body basal temperature will not be suitable for you if your sleeping patterns are uncommonly changeable or your job entails you to work on the nightshifts.

#4 – Changes in Cervical Position

While the cervical mucus will change when ovulation is approaching, the position of your cervix will also go through some changes. During times when you are extremely fertile, your cervix will in a higher position, will become softer and even more open.

-This is basically free of charge.
-You will have the chance to become more aware of your body.
-Can be valuable in determining if you are ovulating despite the fact that your cervical mucus has dried up due to intake of Clomid or antihistamine drugs.

-You need to practice more in order to get the right feeling in terms of the differences.
-There are several people who are disgusted with the notion.
-Similar to cervical mucus, you are still capable of having fertile cervical indications yet will not in fact ovulate.

#5 –Breast Tenderness

There are several females who will experience breast tenderness prior to or subsequent to the ovulation period. This is usually associated with hormonal rush within your system, as the body prepares itself for possible pregnancy. In my case, the final confirmation which I experienced that ovulation period has taken place is by way of the tenderness felt on in the breasts.

-Still this is free of charge.
– Will enhance your awareness of your body.

-This is never a form of precise indicator for ovulation period.
-Tenderness in the breasts can be experienced ahead of or following ovulation and can be even be experienced before the start of the menstruation and can also be a side effect for intake of a few medications for fertility purposes.
-If you are already obsessed regarding how tender your breasts are, most probably, it will result to becoming fixated over pregnancy symptoms which are unreal.

#6 – Positive Result on an Ovulation Predictor Test

The ovulation predictor test kit is one of the common methods in the detection of ovulation. These prediction kits which are often termed as OPK tests will require the individual to pee on a stick used for testing or immerse a special kind of paper inside a cup which has urine in it, and this should be done once in a day for seven days right before you anticipate your ovulation period. Every test strip contains two lines. If the test line happens to be darker in appearance when compared to the control line, this will signify that the test has noticed a surge in LH. This is actually the same hormone which will result to cervical mucus that is fertile.

-In comparison to the body basal temperature charting, this test can only be performed within a period of one week prior to your anticipated ovulation period.
-Ovulation predictor kits are utilized by some females in order to provide more confirmation regarding ovulation considering that there are times when BBT charting will give out results which are peculiar or puzzling.

-When compared to other procedures used in detecting ovulation, use of predictor kits is expensive. A predictor kit designed for only one cycle will cost between ten and twenty dollars. If used all throughout the year, this will add up to a huge amount.
– Furthermore, it will not be simple to determine if the test line is darker when compared to the control line.
-Most likely, you will be using greater than a single kit for every cycle if your ovulation period is irregular.
-This cannot be considered a definitive warning sign.OPK results which are positive can still be obtained without ovulation. In addition, you can also have greater than a single surge of LH in every cycle; however, it is only the last surge that will be associated with a possible ovulation.

#7—Saliva Ferning

Another method that is distinctive and unusual in detecting ovulation is termed as the ferning pattern of your saliva. A lot of special microscopes are offered in the market for such kind of purpose; however, you can actually make use of any kind of microscope available in toy stores. A ferning pattern appears like a frost located on the window pane. This will appear when the LH of the body will surge and that usually happens within 24-48 hours ahead of ovulation.

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